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10 Visa Virtual Credit Cards with full unique Polish IBAN for each of this cards. You will get control panel to E-banking access and all the data you need to use them. You can check balance and transactions online and you can reload them with a simple Wire Transfer. No ID needed and full anonymity provided!
Can be reloaded unlimited times.
The base card currency for all worldwide transactions is EUR.


You can load your cards by Wire Transfer to your unique card's IBAN from any bank account worldwide.
To successfully load your cards you must use a name chosen by you and a Polish address, the name can belong to any Nation. Being a Polish citizen or a resident in Poland is NOT a requirement, the name can be invented.
Here you can find a list of Polish addresses.


You can withdraw your money making a Wire Transfer through the Western Union website, using one of your cards. Or you can simply use them to buy goods online. To successfully use your cards online you must use a name chosen by you and an address chosen by you. The name and the address can belong to any Nation.


Card currency: EUR
Expiration: 2 years
Single transaction limit: 1000 EUR
Total loading of one card in a calendar year: 2500 EUR
The maximum balance of one card at a time: 2500 EUR
The maximum balance of all the cards (10) in a calendar year: 25000 EUR


First load of the card: 1.00 EUR (all next loads are FREE of charge)
Single transaction fee: 0.00 EUR (Free of charge)
Currency Conversion Charge: 2.8% (applies only for transactions in another currency than the base card's currency - the base card's currency is EUR)
Checking the card balance and the transactions history online - 0.00 EUR (Free of charge)
Monthly card fee: 0.00 EUR


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Price: $86

100% Legal: Our cards follow UE directives and laws and are issued by UE Banks
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